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Conspiracy of Credit :
Noted Author and Credit Awareness Expert/Lecturer Reveals
Life-changing Knowledge About Credit

(February 12, 2014 – MEMPHIS, TN) Do you know who controls credit? Why is credit more important than money? How can a person win in today's society if they are living in poverty? Is it fair for your credit history to be used as a measure of character and suitability for employment? What's the real reason behind retailers' and grocery stores' loyalty cards? The answers to these and so many other intriguing questions are revealed in Corey P. Smith's Conspiracy of Credit, which is available at B&, Amazon, iTunes and Smashwords. Conspiracy of Credit is a must read. Containing the most raw and comprehensive information you will ever find on credit, this book provides shocking answers to the questions of why the credit bureaus want you to have bad credit and why credit is assumedly for poor people. Conspiracy of Credit explains why identity theft is nothing more than a new product created by the credit bureaus and banks to make money. Further, this book tactfully breaks down the reason behind retail and grocery store loyalty cards as well as the use of re-identification software. The speed of light money age is here, and never before has any book provided a blueprint for the future of credit and banking. Inspired by his own personal need to "get his credit right," Smith began to conduct research that ultimately proved life changing. Not only was he able to restore his own personal financial standing, but he helped countless others as well. Underwriters, realtors, attorneys and consumers from around the country have found Smith to be a credible, highly knowledgeable and invaluable resource.During his research, it became more apparent to Smith that people are controlled by things they are afraid to lose: their job as well as material possessions such as their house, car, etc. "The truth of the matter is that it doesn't have to be that way because all of these things are easily attainable," states Smith. "One of the things I want to do is try to reach as many people as I can by telling my story. Despite any of life's obstacles, it must be understood that the power inside of you is much greater than any external factors could ever be. If you just think it, believe it, do your due diligence, and have no doubt or fear, anything is possible." For more information, visit or
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